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January 2003 Sail Magazine 
Freeman K. Pittman "Editor's Choice"

from spelunkers to mountain climbers - chafe is dangerous
dinghies to guided-missile destroyers  - chafe is dangerous
z-drive tractor tugs to SUV winches      - chafe is dangerous
tree removal to theatrical rigging            - chafe is dangerous

eats rope
wastes time and money
imperils personnel, vessels and equipment


When the Bollard meets the Bight, protect your investment.
There is new lightweight chafe gear that really works - long and hard.  
JHRG's patented Supreme Protector fabric is the strongest commercial woven textile made.  Lightweight and flexible, it resists moisture, common shipboard contaminants, UV, ice adhesion, cold-crack, ripping and chafe better than any other fabric.  JHRG chafe protection devices and equipment covers are sewn with 80-pound test rot- and chafe- resistant SPT138 thread.  

Originally developed for FAA-certified air cargo restraints, Supreme Protector fabrics and thread combine to make the toughest, lightest fabric on the planet.  Tested and purchased by US Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, commerical airlines, salvage divers, boaters, awning makers and more.  

US Government: fabric and thread NSN listed 2002.  Call for reference.

For qualified evaluations we don't just say our gear works, we guarantee it.

JHRG produces and supplies military and law-enforcement body armor, hard armor, engineered cut-and-sewn softgoods and high performance fabrics and thread.  To learn more about JHRG, please visit

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